Energy Saving of Outdoor LED Display has Long Way to Go

With the high reach and low cost are two advantages of outdoor media in recent years has become the fastest growing advertising medium. Although the environment favorable, but competition remains fierce. To further enhance the outdoor LED display market in the industry's competitiveness, green energy has become competitive direction LED display, LED display and then saving the enterprise is a challenge. LED display to be truly green energy long way to go.


LED advertising display industry into the new darling

Outdoor media to maintain a rapid growth trend, which as outdoor media Peijia favorite LED display, is growing at more than 25% growth rate, strong outdoor advertising to become the main force. Especially the first-tier cities, outdoor LED display have become the new darling of the advertisers in the city's commercial center, outdoor LED display everywhere; and in the second and third tier cities, there isoutdoor led screen more LED screen presence, once again set off outdoor LED boom.

In addition, as the first-tier cities of outdoor LED display advertising market has gradually become saturated, how video ads will become the focus of media market in the subsequent development of numerous LED display manufacturers closely watched. Transparent LED screen as a new area of concern, the US market research firm Displaybank published in 2012 "Transparent Display Technology and Market Outlook" report had boldly predicted that by 2025 the transparent display market value of about $ 87.2 billion.


It appears transparent LED transparent screen, the LED display applications to expand the territory of glass curtain wall construction and retail showcase these two markets, has become a new trend of development of new media. In the application of the end product innovation, a transparent screen with its new display, slim design, high-tech atmosphere breath, like a hurricane is blowing the entire market.

Development of energy-efficient LED display, reduce the burden on advertisers

LED light bar on the screen is a transparent screen micro-innovation, SMT manufacturing process, packaging lamp beads, control systems have been targeted improvements, coupled with the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structural member block the line of sight of, maximize the perspective effect. It also has a new and unique display, the audience stood to watch over the distance, like a picture on top of suspended glass curtain wall.


LED display itself is part of the energy-saving light-emitting material, but considering the application display area is relatively large, long-running play combined with high brightness, power consumption is not to be underestimated. In outdoor advertising applications, advertising LED display owners in addition to the burden of costs associated with itself, with the use of electricity will time the equipment presented geometric growth. Therefore, if the LED display enterprises from the technical level to make the product more energy efficient, reduce the financial burden on the owners of advertising, it will be able to occupy a certain market share.

How energy saving LED display


So, energy-saving LED display to achieve it in order to reduce the use of power LED display, you first need to solve the following problems?:
1, LED lamp operating voltage is low, typically DC 2-3.4V, then you need to use the power switch to convert high-voltage alternating current mains in the conversion process of how to do the highest conversion efficiency;
2, Common LED display modules with an operating voltage DC 5V, while the LED operating voltage is 2-3.4V, how to effectively improve the circuit, the voltage of the drive circuit to do the minimum to reduce the loss of voltage on the circuit, thereby reduce unnecessary heat loss, to reduce power consumption;
3, how to improve LED photoelectric conversion efficiency, to ensure the brightness of the display, so as to reduce the driving current, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving power; how to properly use the light emitting brightness of the display, the emission brightness may vary with changes in the environment to save electricity.

Energy-efficient LED display, high-efficiency low-power chip design, using high-efficiency half-bridge or full-bridge switching power supply from the power supply, under a constant current to the driver IC of the state as much as possible to reduce the power supply voltage, red, green and blue dice separate power supply to achieve better energy efficiency.


In addition to the above method, you can also use LED backlight design by automatically adjusting the brightness of the display, to energy conservation. Of course, the wind and solar LED display, solar display and so are a good choice.

Development of energy-efficient LED display, long way to go

The current industry has a large number of companies involved in the energy saving LED display R & D and production of which, but the LED display energy efficiency standards have yet to be established. Although Lapu company began to research and development of light-emitting diodes in three years ago, such as energy efficiency rating standards which are currently in the approval. Undoubtedly, the establishment of standards for energy efficiency energy saving LED display will have a huge, positive role in promoting.


In addition, technology is always a topic, but when. Whether it is to improve the luminous efficiency of the red chip, LED power conversion efficiency, progress or circuit design optimization of LED lamp packaging technology rely on technological progress. Therefore, LED display energy conservation enterprise is both an opportunity and a challenge.


Dicolor has been pursuing a policy of energy saving, strong R & D of energy saving products, recently introduced M-160D, G series with its professional energy-saving circuit design, selection of high-efficiency power supply, high luminous efficiency of LED devices and low power driver IC, unique intelligent brightness control technology and intelligent temperature acquisition and control technology, with high-quality masks and process design, the first to achieve the same power than ordinary lED display on the market for more than 60% energy saving target, lead the industry to create a new chapter in energy efficiency, further enhance the product in the past Tetra efficient and economical, energy saving perfect performance.


LED display energy conservation is a systematic project, not something the company can do it alone. Many enterprises outdoor LED screen industry should join hands in a socially responsible manner to do it, so becoming a green energy saving concept more deeply.